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In the Hmong language the pronoun forms stay the same no matter where you put and/or use in a sentence. In other words, pronouns do not change from you to your, and yours like in English. However, the placement and/or location of the pronoun tells readers/listeners the type of pronouns, i.e., whether the pronoun is a subject pronoun or a possessive pronoun.

Additionally, there are words in the Hmong language that are used to describe the possession of the objects rather than using a possessive pronouns to indicate its ownership.

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Kuv I, My, Me, Mine
Wb We (two persons), our, ours
Peb We (three or more persons), our, ours
Koj You (one person), your, yours
Neb You (two persons), your, yours
Meb You (two persons) Hmong Leng.
Nej You (three or more persons), your, yours
Mej You (more than two persons) Hmong Leng.
Lawv They, their, theirs, them
Puab They (Hmong Leng), their, theirs, them
Nws She, he, it, her, hers, his, its
Nwg She, he, it (Hmong Leng)
Yus One, oneself

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