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How to learn the Hmong Language

Learning a new language is like being born again and/or cooking the same food using a different recipe :)

Alright, enough about my opinion. Let me suggest the way I believe is best to help you learn the Hmong language. First, you must really like to learn it. Without that desire, you will fail like a monkey trying to hold on to a rotton banana :(

Next, start by learning the single consonants, and make sure you have mastered them with the correct pronunciation. Then move on to the double, triple and quadruple consonants. Next, learn the vowels. Most vowels have similar sounds to the vowels of the English language. After you have mastered these two parts, try combining them just like how you do in English, i.e., d + a = da, m + a = ma etc... The final step is to add the tone markers, i.e., da + v = dav, da + b = dab. I have provided sounds for all the consonants, vowels and tone markers so all you have to do is combine them. If you have problem doing so, it is not me, it's you. Click on the consonant and then the vowel + the tone marker to see if you can pronounce them before you click on the whole word. Keep in mind that I provided these resources to you free without any helps from your tax dollars. Therefore, if you believe my effort is worthy of your $5 donation, please consider supporting me. In the meantime, I will still try my very best to keep this web site up and running as long as I can to help people like you who are interested learning the Hmong language :)

To help you learn even faster, download my free little program called LearnHmong.exe This program will test your ability as well as helping you sound out the consonants as you type. The program is an executable so click on the link below and choose the "Save File" to save the file on your computer. To use the program, just double-click on the file LearnHmong.exe.
Download LearnHmong.exe Now

Why free? Well, I believe in the follow words of wisdom:

A hidden knowledge is like a hidden star, it shines nowhere. Jay Xiong.

Click on any of the words below to hear its sound.

C + aj = Caj C + as = Cas C + av = Cav C + am = Cam C + ag = Cag C + ab = Cab C + a = Ca C + ad = Cad
C + ej = Cej C + es = Ces C + ev = Cev C + em = Cem C + eg = Ceg C + eb = Ceb C + e = Ce C + ed = Ced
D + eej = Deej D + ees = Dees D + eev = Deev D + eem = Deem D + eeg = Deeg D + eeb = Deeb D + ee = Dee D + eed = Deed
D + aij = Daij D + ais = Dais D + aiv = Daiv D + aim = Daim D + aig = Daig D + aib = Daib D + ai = Dai D + aid = Daid
T + auj = Tauj T + aus = Taus T + auv = Tauv T + aum = Taum T + aug = Taug T + aub = Taub T + au = Tau T + aud = Taud

The best way is to get my new book called "Learn Hmong the Jay Way" if you really want to learn Hmong. I provided many audios (mp3) for most of the important pages so you will not even need a Hmong teacher. Click here to see a listing of the audio files.

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