Hmong Tutorial Book and CD by Tony Vang

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"Kawm Moob/Hmoob Ntawv" book / "MHM Tutorial" Program was designed to teach Mong/Hmong and non-Hmong  children and adults to learn how to read, write and speak Hmong. This program contains word / sound pronunciation (voice) over 2800 single syllable for self-teaching purpose.

This book allows you to:

  • Practice alphabets, vowels, and tone-markers pronunciation.
  • Word uses in sentence in both Mong Leng and Hmong Der dialects as well as an English equivalent translation of each sentence.
  • Practice word formation from alphabet, vowel and tones
  • Practice the use of same tone-marker for various alphabets and vowels combination.


The Software CD Allows You to Practice on:

  • Alphabets, vowels and tone markers
  • Test (picture and alphabet or word matching)
  • Print form for student practice
  • Type and print lesson planning for teacher
  • Tests on alphabets, vowels and tones
  • 112 sounds (a sound combination of vowels and tone markers)
  • A practice page where you can type and listen to the pronunciation of each of the alphabet, vowel and tone marker as you type
  • Counting number from 1 to 1000


  • $15 for the book
  • $20 for the software CD
  • $30 for book and software CD

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If you have any questions either about the book and/or this software CD, you can reach Anthony at:

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