Lus Hmoob Txhais

Hmong-English Dictionary


Dictionary Software that comes with sounds for all consonants, vowels, and tone markers.
It also includes sounds for all numbers both in Hmong and in English up to a million.

You now can download the Hmong Dictionary for free.
However, if you think my effort is worth something,
you can donate $5 by clicking on the PayPal link below

Click here to download the software.



   If you need to learn Hmong and/or the equivalent English for Hmong words, you must get this dictionary software. There is no point of wasting

  weeks and months going to class and learning the hard way. Buy it now using PayPal and you can download the software into your PC. The

   installation process is simple. Just double-click on the file and it will install with an JX icon on your desktop (screen). Double-click on the

  JX icon will take you to the program. All consonants on the right including all vowels with their ending tones come with sounds. How easy

  can that be! Hm + oob = Hmoob, N + eb = Neb and so on…. Just click and learn. Make sure you play with the “Adjust Pitch” because that

  is very helpful for people who are not familiar with the Hmong language.


  Searching for words is easy. Click on the consonants on the right or type them in the textbox at the bottom left. As you type each character,

  words starting with that character will display. If you want to learn numbers, this programs comes with both Hmong and English. Check the

  box “Hais suab Askiv / Say in English” and your numbers will be read in English, and unchecked will say in Hmong.



Here are some sample entries from the Dictionary Software

There are 6,229 entries




Click on the vowels above to hear the sounds. Click on the words (tone markers) above to hear the sounds.



For foreigners who are not familiar with the Hmong tones and sounds, the “Adjust Pitch” at the bottom right, will be very helpful.

Clicking on “Lower <<” will say the sound in lower pitch and clicking on the “>>Higher” button the pitch will be higher, and clicking on the

“Normal” button in the middle will sound normal again.


                                                       For just $5 dollars, you can have one of the best Computer Aided Teaching Pal!